...currently working on a performance research project created in and about No. 9 Adams Road, using Roberto Gerhard's "Pandora" score written for the Kurt Jooss ballet also created in the house.


"We create, we are not already created (Nóis é cria, não é criado)…
The heart saying ‘beat’ at every slap of suffering..." Blog piece for "Talking Humanities"

"Shame and Supremacy City Tours" - in ironic tourist guide to Cambridge (password roehampton)

"Anitta’s Global Hit ‘Vai Malandra’ Music Video In Context: Favela Funk and Passinho" - Article for Rio on Watch

McMahon L. (2019) On ‘real revolution’ and ‘killing the lion’: challenges for creative marginality in Brazilian labour struggles’ in Geraghty, Niall HD and Massidda, Adriana Laura (Eds.) Creative Spaces: Urban Culture and Marginality in Latin America.

Droppelmann, C., Fennell, S. and McMahon, L.  'Women's Access to Justice: Perspectives from the ASEAN Region' Thailand Institute of Justice (Eds: Lapouge, M. Urapeepatanapong, S. and Sumrit, S.)

McMahon, L., 2017 ''Ungrievable' labour and 'unruly' politics:
Strategies of an NGO working with street vendors in response to the 2013-2014 protests in Brazil', in: Lazar, S., Alexander, A. (Eds.), Where are the unions?: Organised Workers and Mass Mobilizations in the Arab World, Zed Books

McMahon, L. (forthcoming 2019) ‘Violence and the BRICS’  in: Anand, P., Comim, F., Fennell, S., Weiss, J. (Eds.), Handbook on BRICS and Emerging Markets. Oxford University Press.


PhD Title: 'Going 'to the Door of Dilma's House'': Citizenship, Informality and the 2013-14 protests in Brazil. Centre of Development Studies, University of Cambridge, received May 2017.

Photos: Right- 'The police who repress in the street are those who kill in the favela' Independence Day Protest in Rio de Janeiro, 2013; Left - Protest against violence against women, CAMTRA's banner reads 'The city is ours, the street is ours, the body is mine'

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