I currently teach contemporary dance at Colours of Dance studios and St Mary's school. I teach a free and open style inspired by the dancers' own choice of music.

​I am also a qualified yoga teacher (200 hour diploma plus further training in Forrest Yoga, Yoga Therapy and a teaching qualitification in BarreConcept). I taught yoga for 4 years (2014-2018) in locations across Cambridge and London. At the moment I am studying for an MFA in Choreography at the University of Roehampton, and while I am working on this I have taken a break from yoga teaching, but will return at some point soon!

Feedback from my classes includes (thank you so much to all my students who submitted this!):

"Absolutely the best yoga I’ve tried in Cambridge or London in the last ten years! I really like the pace and the level of the lessons, and the way I feel physically so much better after each class. I’ve also noticed longer term improvements to my posture, back pains, and emotional well-being, as I’ve been going over a year. I’ve felt confident enough to try inversions and go out of my comfort zone in this class."

"Lucy's classes were the first I regularly attended. They have given me relief from years of back pain, a space to work on controlling my body and let go of stresses, and finally an understanding of how strength can be built and maintained without lifting weights."

"The comfortable atmosphere she engendered was part of the reason I invited friends along and that even those that had never done yoga before wanted to return. It was clear classes were to be enjoyed and that it was a safe place to try out new things."



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